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Wild Willies

Emblem of Wisdom


The Mission

The mission of Wild Willie’s “Emblem of Wisdom” is to Revive, Remind, and Re-purpose the American Spirit that was built from the ground up many years before this day and age. The video will be voiceover driven, and delivered by our main actor: A 60+ year old, weathered man living out of a log/hunting cabin. 

Narrated be a season man, more conversational then "preachy", speaking his rally cry with importance and care for something he really believes in. In remembrance for what America was and what it could be with the tools & people it has that are unlike anywhere else on earth. 

Director's Notes: 

The audience is the foundational, the ones who aren't afraid of hard work, the manly. The Unique individuals who create their own ideals and their own realities by putting in the work and being disciplined to create their own version of freedom. Deeply rooted in American value and tradition and stand up to preserve it. See brief scene breakdown below:

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