Walker can be found photoing, editing…

Or taking photos for social media...I wear a few hats, but I love them all. Some people think this kind of job is all about how talented you are at your craft, but it’s really about genuinely caring for other people & their stories, staying humble & coachable and overall being willing to say “I don't know everything but I’m here to keep learning”. Being a photographer is a blast, and Rhino is the most incredible place I’ve ever worked. I truly can't believe I get to work with such awesome goofballs.


Favorite place in Kalamazoo to sit and read: My living room couch.
Currently reading: East of Eden
Favorite drink: Water… coffee… wine…
Bucket list travel location: Tallinn, Estonia

Best part of working at Rhino: The spontaneous singing, dancing and laughing that happens regularly. Or maybe how much we all love to eat food? Or maybe it's because this place challenges me as a creative, an individual and a team player in incredible ways I could never have imagined? Really.. all of it. Can I just say all of it?