Connecting a Global Company to Communities


Better Together

Stryker boasts some of the most innovative, preventive, and life-saving medical devices in the world. As a fast-moving and growth-oriented organization, presenting a forward thinking and human-centric brand voice requires balance and intentionality.

What’s refreshing for us, is the earnest trust and loyalty that caregivers feel for this brand. Caregivers. Love. Stryker. Gear.

Over the course of our partnership, we’ve told stories ranging from engineering breakthroughs, to heart-wrenching first responder calls. We’ve helped Stryker create product launch collateral, cast 5-year growth strategies, welcome and integrate new business acquisitions, and even share a few laughs at global sales meetings.

EMS Story Series

In 2017, we approached Stryker with an initiative to document real first responder stories. From the onset, we knew this series wasn’t an advertising campaign, but a curation of stories caregivers could rally around. Our goal was twofold. First, that EMTs, Paramedics, and their loved ones would watch these videos and think, ‘That is exactly what’s it like.’ Secondly, that viewers looking from the outside in would see fellow humans and have a deeper appreciation/respect for this noble line of work.

The response from caregivers has been tremendous. Engagement on social media validates how honest, well told stories can create an emotive bridge between a global company and the people interacting with their products.