Seun has been doing motion graphics for almost 8 years now. 

 My training came from TONS of YouTube tutorials, online resources, and just a passion for the craft. After graduating high school in 2012, I decided to officially establish myself as a freelancer. Fast-forward to 2014, I made the decision to move to Grand Rapids to study motion graphics... It was a great experience, but I only stayed at the college for 1 year. While in the process of switching my major for a 3rd time, I started to connect with Rhino. At the time, Jeremy was the only animator on the team, and Rhino was entering a season where bringing on a second animator began to make sense.

Unknowingly, Michael had been slowly dropping my name and sharing some of my work with Kevin and Jeremy, so I was on their radar. Months went by after our first meeting and then I started getting pulled in for projects. This was huge and exciting to me. After a couple successful projects, Kevin and Jeremy agreed to bring me on and I was offered a position as an Animator. I moved down to Kalamazoo and the rest is history.


Favorite exercise: Deadlifts
Currently binging on Netflix: Bob's Burgers
Favorite food: Sushi

Coffee or tea?: Eww, neither.
Best part of working at Rhino: The people. You know you've got a good thing when you can call your coworkers fam.