Only in Bozeman

Storytelling from a glorious space in God's Country. 


Several years ago, I traveled to Montana in search of a clear mind, and to visit some family. My uncle Gary owns a small winery on Flathead Lake, about an hour north of Missoula. 

From that trip emerged a love and appreciation for the landscapes and energy of Montana. 

Only 18 months later, we were asked by Prime Marketing, our pals in Bozeman, Montana to visit and produce photo and video content of all the wonderful things to do in the Bozeman, MT area. 


The goal of these shoots, a full week in the summer of 2017 and a full week in the winter of 2018, was to produce a series of gorgeous visual imagery that tells the story of human beings - across a variety of social platforms. 

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Web, Content-Driven Articles. 

During the summer trip, we woke up around 4:30a every day and filmed until 10p every night. The winter crew had less hours to contend with, but the temperatures and snow made up all the difference.