Rhinos Who Bowl Together

The past few months at Rhino have been some of the best we've ever had. With opportunities to travel, take on bigger projects and tell impactful and emotional stories, you might have guessed that this a very exciting time for us, and it sure is! It can also be very taxing as you pour you time, late nights, emotions, thoughts and energy into each project.

As a team of almost 20 people, it can be hard to keep a beat on individual health and team moral when things get this busy. That's why we find it so important to recognize when people are in need of some time to have fun, recharge, and reconnect with each other.

So that's what we did. On a Thursday at 2pm we left the office for some much need "mandatory fun time." It's amazing what a few hours of throwing a ball at some pins, riding Go-Carts, and having a beer can do for a team.


These are the faces of people who have been going too hard, for too long, who needed a fun little offsite.

Shout out to good ol' Airway Lanes for the good times! We may or may not have followed the rule of not crashing into each other on the go carts...


Molly Westmaas