Molly designs things, sometimes paints on walls, and a whole other mess of things.

I got hired for a project some years back and loved being here so I kept showing to help. I had (still have) many things to learn, but Kevin gave me a chance and brought me on the team. My day to day changes all the time, one day I’ll be designing the next day I’m cutting out paper for a stop motion. It’s crazy and awesome and sometimes stressful, but I love it.


Brat or Burger: Oberon Brat from the Richland Meat market
Favorite pen to write with: Micron
What you're currently reading: Creativity Inc
Superspeed or x-ray vision: Superspeed

Best part of working at Rhino: I couldn't ask a better work environment. A big part of that is because we are always on the lookout for areas of growth, whether it be as a team, a person or any other area... it's an incredible group of humans I get to work with.