Michael here. 

I'm married to a fine lady named Shelby and have adopted 2 (soon to be 3!) beautiful children, into my family. To sum me up in words it would be Christ, Family, Love People, Photog, Michigan, Tom Selleck, Toblerone, Halo 1, and Pokémon Red.

I came across Rhino toward the end of my journey completing Bible School. I knew of Kevin through Jeremy, animator here at Rhino and brother in law, and saw a Facebook status from Kevin saying he needed photo help. I figured since I had no experience, an interest in photography, and Rhino looking like a fun place to be, I would reach out and tell Kevin to make me his photo slave.

After that, I proved myself worthy through strong work ethic, and was good enough to keep around. Eventually turning into a full time job here as a Photographer. It's amazing to work for a solid leader and company, that truly values and loves people, and the stories they have to share.


Brat or burger: Is it really a good grill out without both?
Penguin or Zebra: Zebra, but only because their pens are everything.
Currently binging on Netflix: I wasn't aware of Netflix being used for anything except preserving all the episodes of Magnum P.I.

Best 3PM snack: Always in the mood for an El Gallo Taco
Best album you've heard lately: You Are Why by Clayton and Olivia Webb, Simple Gospel by Will Reagan, and Empires by Hillsong United. Too much good music to pick one.
Best part of working at Rhino: The people. Hands down.