Matt is a glass-half-full kind of guy

You’ll see me behind a camera or computer here at Rhino. I wouldn’t suggest talking with me about the good old days, a real Honky Tonk, classic pickup trucks or motorcycles unless you have a good half hour to spare.


Favorite instrument: If you're gonna play in Texas, there's gotta' be a fiddle in the band
Best album you've heard in the last year: Tyler Childers "Purgatory" & Colter Walls self titled album
Brat or Burger: Brat with way too much sauerkraut

Best place in Kalamazoo to grab a drink: Old Dog on a Friday or my fridge on a Friday, depending on the Friday
Latest Book you've read: Creativity Inc. By Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace
Best Part Of Working At Rhino: The Rhinos, of course. It's a place where self improvement & pushing your creative limits is not only encouraged but followed up on.