“Hi Muffin!” 

I’m Maheen.  My story at Rhino starts with Kevin somehow discovering me, meeting over a cup of coffee a few days later, and then him offering me a position as his assistant 10 hours after that.  And let me tell ya: saying “yes” to Rhino was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  Working here is one of the greatest privileges, and I’m incredibly honored to be alongside some of the best!

You can find me around the office keeping things in order, or supporting Kevin with whatever he needs at the moment!


Brat or Burger: Is a brat burger a thing?  If so, I’ll take 2.
Bucket List Travel Location: Santorini, Greece would be a  d r e a m .
Best Place in Kalamazoo to Grab a Drink: I mean, Civil House Coffee’s hot cocoa never disappoints. :) :)
What You're Currently Reading: Finishing up Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie!

Superspeed or x-ray vision: Superspeed, so I can ensure punctuality in my life, haha.
Best part of working at Rhino: Pulling pranks on other rhinos… *cough* I mean, working with the raddest group of people in Kalamazoo!