Lori ended up here as a result of extreme planning. 

I wasn't totally in love with my major in college and I knew I wanted to pursue photography in one way or another. I started off as an intern at Rhino and somehow along the way Kevin thought I was worth taking a chance on and he hired me.

At first, I was sort of an Intern Coordinator/Social Media Manager/Photog. Nowadays I'm more of a Producer/Creative Director/Photographer.


Favorite drink: Coffee and a good gin & tonic. (Not all at once)
Currently binging on Netflix: Just finished season two of Love... I'll think I'll watch it again
Best 3PM snack: Bananas, but if I didn't care about my health LEMON BARS

The one band you wish would get back together: R.E.M.
Best part of working at Rhino: Obviously, there is a lot of good here. But one of my favorite thing about these people is their overall commitment to a bit. No joke goes unloved or unnoticed. It's a perfect environment for a goofball like me.