Journeyman Distillery

Salvaged History


The History

After 31 years of running Heritage, the owners decided to retire and sell the company to a pair of local investors. Their vision was not to compromise Heritage Guitar, but to re-establish it as a living artifact of music history and American quality. Heritage knew they needed to a partner that could help them refresh their brand and guide them in telling their story in a compelling and honest way. Rhino was lucky enough to be asked to do just that.

Our Approach

From the moment we walked into 225 Parsons Street, we knew we wanted to show Heritage for what it was - including all the dirt, sweat, craftsmanship, history, beauty, americana, dust and paint of the historic factory. Heritage guitars are made to be heirlooms in every sense of the word, and we wanted the story we told to reflect just that


David Becker

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