It makes it a lot easier to do what I do when you're repping a team like Rhino. In addition to helping implement Traction (the Entrepreneurial Operating System), my mission is to have the right conversations to land awesome projects and build connections with partners who let Rhino do what they do best. 


Favorite instrument: Bag pipes (gets that Irish blood flowing (no, I can't play one))
Favorite 3PM snack: Second lunch. Or, more specifically, a Chicago style hot dog. 
Get up early or stay up late: Get up early... but since my wife is an ER nurse that works a lot of nights, I get suckered into staying up late when she is off.

Best place in Kalamazoo to grab a drink: So many great options... but Beer Exchange & O'Duffy's Pub are both up there
Best Part Of Working At Rhino: It's kind of like playing college basketball at Kentucky (I'd imagine) -- You know everyone on the team is really talented but they all have yet to reach their full potential.