Fetzer Institute

Democracy Event


The Fetzer Institute

The Fetzer Institute has created a space that cultivates civil dialogue between people who hold a variety of different beliefs.

This particular event was centered around the topic of Democracy, with the main question posed "How do we use spirituality to protect democracy and sustain those working within it?" In attendance to dialog this question were about 40 spiritual leaders, authors and activists from around the country.

Capturing the event

With this type of event, there's a fine line between necessary movement and being too disruptive. It was important not to distract, but to capture genuine moments that display the atmosphere and spirit of the event in an honest way.

When we'd spot someone with the perfect expression or about to crack a smile, we'd pan slowly or stand slightly to capture with distracting from the conversation with quick movements.

It was a privilege to have been trusted in the documentation of this event.

The Crew

Photography: Michael Lathrop, Walker Chrisman

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