Elena. Loves. To. Edit. 

When I started at Rhino, I had my heart set on working in pre-production. But about a year into my internship, Dan and Tyler took me under their wings and pushed me towards editing. I practically lived in the office until I got good at it, and somewhere along the way I absolutely, one hundred percent, super, super, super fell in love with editing. 

It’s the perfect mix of right and left brain, and since I do a lot of interview editing, it fulfills my love for writing! A year ago if you had told me that today I’d be editing, I would’ve thought you were crazy. But hey, it’s a crazy world. And Rhino and everyone in it has made me a crazy happy lady.


Favorite drink: Anything with chai
Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs all covered with cheese
Superman or Batman: Spiderman

Best album you've heard lately: Veckatimest, by Grizzly Bear
Favorite pen to write with: A black one
Best part of working At Rhino: Pizza. Both the dish and the canine. (Our editor, Brooke, her husband & dog... Pizza).