My Turn, The Film

Although Scott struggles with ALS - he has not stopped in his pursuit of continually becoming a better man. Energizing this network for the benefit of his family and the larger ALS cause have become the focus of the time he has left.

"It's my turn," says Scott, "My turn to speak up. My turn to speak out and stand out - to do as much as I can to help my family and to help build awareness and understanding of ALS."

Our heart is to capture his incredible legacy and do our part (take our turn) to help educate, support and raise awareness of ALS.


The Michigan Beer Film | Trailer

A Rhino Passion project, sparked from a love of craft beer and a desire to share the goodness of MI craft beer to the world. Starting at rapidly growing Greenbush Brewing Co, the documentary travels the span of Michigan from Sawyer to Marquette and Grand Rapids to Detroit. Find out more at

Gun Lake Tribe | “Mnomen” the Food that Grows on Water

Migrating from the East Coast, the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish band Pottawatomi Indians found the “food that grows on water”. The Mnomen is one of their 4 sacred foods. We had the honor of documenting this story full of history. See the film and find out more.