Crazy Beats Big

"Crazy Beats Big" is a series of conversations hosted by Kevin Romeo, Founder and Filmmaker with Rhino in Kalamazoo, MI. The show features entrepreneurs with various backgrounds sharing their insight and the ups and downs of pursing their dreams. Crazy Beats Big is about is about not backing down to big obstacles, even when it seems a little (or a lot) crazy.

Why this Podcast?

Over the years of Rhino's existence we have grown so much in our capabilities, creativity and relationships. Much of that growth has come from the many conversations we have with each other and through being a part of the creative community, both in Kalamazoo, MI, and beyond. You really can't put a value on the personal and community development that happens we you are able to have candid dialog about your ideas, struggles and successes.

This podcast is to let people in on those conversations, and hopefully give all you listeners a push to have more of these conversations in your own community!


"Crazy Beats Big" E1 | Leaving Cali & Starting A Burger Shack in the Midwest

Kevin talks with Kyle & Natasha Monk, co-owners of NONLA Burger, about what it took to leave everything they knew - careers in Commercial Photography and Fashion Design in Fullerton, California - and start a burger shack with friends in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (A place they had only heard about in song and legends of old)

"Crazy Beats Big" E2: Stanley Steppes, Financial Advisor to Video Producer

Kevin talks with Stanley Steppes, Owner of Imeedia in Kalamazoo, about what it takes to go from financial advisor to video producer overnight. Stanley is an Entrepreneur who has recently executive produced a television show for the DYI network and his hungry to take over the Network space.