Ben takes care of all things sonic here at Rhino. 

I am also the go-to 'problem solver'. I've been dabbling in this and that around Kalamazoo for years, and the stars aligned in such a way that Kevin and I basically fell in each others' laps at the right time. It was very serendipitous and it's my belief that all the good things in life come to you this way!


Best album you've heard in the last year: Ruler Rebel - Christian Scott aTunde Ajduah
Your place to grab a drink: Fun Fact: I'm half Chinese and have Asian Flushing Syndrome, so I don't really drink. That being said, I think Louie's is one of the best watering holes around, AND they have great shows.

Lunch of choice: Breakfast
Favorite instrument: Anything other than the kazoo. And the kazoo.
Best part of working at Rhino: The amazing amount of support and encouragement the team provides to each other EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It's unmatched.