It’s All About Culture

Our core values are largely based on Pat Lencioni's "Ideal Team Player".


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Rhino started out as a couple of guys with nothing left to lose.

We started the company because we were desperate. We wanted a new life, a new career and were running out of options. The upside? This gave us all the fuel we needed to build the team we have today. The dream was that we could create a place where people love to work, for clients we love to work with, without sacrificing our values.

Sounds crazy right? Turns out, there are a lot of others who think that sounds pretty rad. Work doesn't have to be "toil".

We started working out of a coffee shop, changed offices a couple times and have now landed at our current location on 411 Westnedge Avenue in downtown Kalamazoo, MI. It's our idea hub, creative space and home base for all of our latest projects. We also launched a sister company Civil House Coffee on the corner of Rose and Kalamazoo. Check them out.

Why did we name our company "Rhino"?

We named our company Rhino because Rhinos are freaking awesome. They have limited visibility (because of the horn, ya know) and an inability to slow down effectively when running at top speeds. But because they are built like a tank, they can handle the obstacles, and continue to run full speed ahead. Because of this, a group of Rhinos is called a CRASH.

We love this analogy and what it means because, to us, it's a picture of faith in your calling. It's a picture of running full speed ahead and even though we may not know what obstacles are up ahead, we're going to run at them with everything we've got.


Where are we now?

Today, we have a team of 17 incredibly talented folks that all are growing together. It's incredibly gratifying to see people grow in their abilities, both as creatives and as leaders. Every month it seems we’re a taking on a new project that strikes fear in our heart, but nevertheless, we go head first.

We are so grateful for the trust our clients have in our ability to tell their stories with authenticity and artistry!

Why are we involved in so many things?

The short answer is that it keeps us creative. Working on passion projects, like MY TURN the Film or creating Podcasts, keeps us growing and creatively fueled. Pushing ourselves in these ways allows us the ability to do better work for you!

Sometimes Show is Better Than Tell.

Check out our original series, Crash On. It's like a home video and a podcast, Rhino style."


If you want to have a home at Rhino, it could happen.  We are not currently seeking new team members, but if you would like to bring us some fine coffee or beer, we will recall you fondly.


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We're always in need of fresh faces for our videos and we welcome anyone from amateur to pro level, depending on the project.


Rhino provides internships to students in film/video production, photography, marketing and new media. Of our twenty current team members, eight started as Rhino interns. 

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