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WMU: Memories of East Campus

Client: Western Michigan University

Project: Memories of East Campus

East Hall is a golden location in Kalamazoo, MI, particularly to students of WMU. It has existed for over 100 years (recently renovated). This video was meant to share memories that many have experienced on WMU's East Campus. 

The song used is the WMU Alma Mater, which was played by Scott Raymond on the Trumpet, and again by Ben Lau in studio on the piano. 


Director: Director: Kevin Romeo 
Producer: Kevin Romeo, Emily Plucinak, Lori Gottschling, Angel Arnold
Director of Photography: Kevin Romeo, Nicholas Benitez
Cinematography: Nicholas Benitez, Tyler Appel, Jeremy Angeletti
Casting: Kevin Romeo, Lori Gottschling

Post Production

Edit: Nicholas Benitez
Music: Ben Lau
Color: Nicholas Benitez
Talent: Cassy
Denanny, Scott Raymond, Lori Gottschling, Angel Arnold, Joey Huizar, Traci Burton, Cameron Spencer, Nick Benitez, Elisha Barnett, Lindsay Bodtke, Rob Bodtke


Canon C100