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Western Michigan University

Beginning with the hiring of President John Dunn, Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, MI, has begun a renaissance of it's image in the last decade. With his and many other dedicated leaders' direction, WMU has established itself in it's area as an unparalleled force for education in Business, Environmental Studies, Education & Educational Leadership, Medicine, Art, History, and Athletics.


The beginning of a relationship

Rhino, a Kalamazoo neighbor, began its relationship with WMU in the spring of 2013. We felt lucky to be asked to produce a handful of videos to help WMU on the mission to build it's future. Since then, our relationship has grown into dozens of projects for almost every area of the school, from commercials to animation, educational films to hype videos for the sold-out crowd during football games at Waldo Stadium.

Bronco Football

In 2012, the school hired Mid-American Conference alumnus P.J. Fleck as the coach of the men's football team. A few short years later, Fleck brought the WMU Broncos into national prominence with an appearance in one of the largest NCAA Bowl Games, the Cotton Bowl. Thanks in large part to the notoriety of WMU, the city of Kalamazoo has become something of a household name.

Our Work

We aim to continue building an image of the school's modern identity: an inclusive, forward-thinking, student-focused university on par with or better than any university in the country in any measurable category besides size. Here's how we did it, with WMU's help.

Authenticity is Greater than Shine

Our core approach is reflected in the phrase "authenticity is greater than shine" - simply, we work very hard to figure out what is truly great about something, and how to express those unique qualities to the world. We listen, then talk.

When we listened to WMU, they told us their identity was a school that fosters an emotional connection between university and the student, celebrates diversity, builds a bright future for the world, and embodies "diamond in the rough" - a public university in a cozy, unique city that gives you an education equal to anywhere else.

We eagerly anticipate continuing to work with WMU for years to come, watching them build and telling the story of it. We believe every project we finish for them is more exciting than the one before it. View our most recent work for them below.

Recent Projects

WMU's historic East Campus building was a scenic landmark loved by students and citizens alike. In the last few years, the tough decision was made to tear down and renovate most of the building. When construction was finished, Rhino was asked to make a video celebrating the shared memories of the building.

Recently, President Dunn retired, ending a wonderful chapter of WMU's history. We were saddened to say goodbye to a friend of the city, but were honored to be asked to document the farewell tour of a man who has done so much for WMU, and by extension, Kalamazoo.

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