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Walker can be found assisting the lead photographer...

Or taking photos for social media...but mostly, I'm the proud office coffee snob (you're welcome everyone) and you'll see me with my dog, Finn, in the office every so often (sorry Kevin). I love working at Rhino for a gazillion reasons, but mostly I love it because I learn so many new and exciting things every day and because I can't believe I get to work with a bunch of awesome goofballs.

Favorite place in Kalamazoo to sit and read: The sunroom at my in-law's house in the middle of nowhere. It's quiet and delightful.
Currently binging: Grey's Anatomy (again); Bob's Burgers and Chef's Table
Favorite drink: LaCroix
Bucket list travel location: Tallinn, Estonia

Best part of working at Rhino: The spontaneous singing, dancing and laughing that happens regularly. Or maybe how much we all love to eat food? Or maybe it's because this place challenges me as a creative, an individual and a team player in incredible ways I could never have imagined? Really.. all of it. Can I just say all of it?