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Molly designs things, sometimes we let her draw on the chalk wall.

I just started showing up one day and eventually got a job at Rhino. There was so much I wanted to learn from everyone here, so I stuck around. Now, I work on lots of fun projects making sweet designs for people, and it is a blast! Sometimes, they let me draw on the chalk wall.

Brat or Burger: Oberon Brat
Favorite pen to write with: Micron
What you're currently reading:
 Creativity Inc
Superspeed or x-ray vision: Superspeed

Best part of working at Rhino: I couldn't ask a better work environment. A big part of that is because we are always on the lookout for areas of growth, whether it be as a team, a person or any other area... it's an incredible group of humans I get to work with 🙂