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Chocolate Baby Sunday

Client: Modernistic

Project: Chocolate Baby Sundae

"Chocolate Baby Sundae" is a prime example of a great working relationship making way for a memorable, one-of-a-kind end product. We've been friends with Modernistic for years now. The trust we've developed with them frees us up to pitch an idea like this and create something that truly stands out.

For this TV ad, we produced everything from the script, actors, location, voice-over... you name it Rhino did it. We worked closely with Modernistic, to ensure this ad not only stood out creatively, but raised awareness about the company's upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Above all else, we know that what we create is a win when it not only looks great, but delivers on practicality as well. And if in doing so, a chocolate baby sundae is running in slow motion, that's cool too.


Creative Director: Jeremy Angeletti
Director: Jeremy Angeletti
Producer: Jeremy Angeletti, Jonathan Jermyn
Director of Photography: Nick Benitez
Crew/Grip/Gaff: Dan Martinez and Brooke Mayle
Concept & Script: Jeremy Angeletti
Storyboards: Jeremy Angeletti and Jonathan Jermyn

Post Production

Edit: Jeremy Angeletti
Motion Graphics: Jeremy Angeletti
Color: Jeremy Angeletti
Talent:  Lucy Jermyn, Kris Allemang Stahl
Voice over: Artie Widgery


Sony FS700