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Jordan got into Rhino through beer. 

No joke. I literally showed up one Friday afternoon in the summer - a six-pack of beer in hand and a cover video attached to that six pack, along with a portfolio of my work. I basically walked up to the front door, unannounced, and said, "This is for you guys. I heard you like beer. Oh, I made a video for you too." A lot happened shortly after that but that's basically the short version. Tyler might tell it differently. Moral of the story: Rhinos love beer. Good beer at that. 

I am an editor/camera operator/social media content creation & ideas kinda guy, mostly responsible for the behind-the-scenes Rhino Weekly's and a few other projects. I'm also a solid tag-a-long for lunch.

Brat or Burger: Ya really can't beat a perfectly grilled brat in the summertime
Bucket list travel location: Japan has always intrigued me
The one band you wish would get back together: The White Stripes :*(

Best place in Kalamazoo to grab a drink: Shakespear's Pub fulfills all my beer needs
Superspeed or x-ray vision: Oh, Superspeed for sure
Best part of working at Rhino: It's the team. I mean, let's be honest here