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It's Acceptable Here

Client: K-Wings

Project: It's Acceptable Here

We set out to create a campaign that spoke to the cultural affectations of Hockey fandom. There simply are certain things that are permissible in the context of "hockey", that are not socially acceptable in any other setting. Being semi-obessed with social awareness and cultural values, we thought this campaign afforded us many fun opportunites to make jokes about hockey, but also about life in general.

We were incredibly thankful for the love and trust given to us by the K-Wings organization to ideate and produce this campaign, and we're excited to share that it received a Gold Addy award in both Grand Rapids, South Bend and competed at the national Addy Ceremony in Washington, DC.


Director: Kevin Romeo
DP: Nick Benitez
Camera: Nick Benitez, Tyler Appel
Script: Emily Plucinak

Post Production

Edit: Nick Benitez
Audio: Ben Lau, Nick Benitez
Color: Nick Benitez
Music: Overneath Creative Collective
Animation: Jeremy Angeletti


Canon C100
Black Magic Cinema Camera
DJI Ronin M5
Rode NTG 3