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Hank secretly stayed in the office after his internship...

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, and also help with website and animation design. I started at Rhino through an internship, and have secretly stayed in the office since it ended. No one has noticed I didn't leave.

Best album you’ve heard in the last year: Blonde by Frank Ocean
Favorite drink: Iced coffee with cream, no sugar.
Favorite instrument: My attention span is short so I haven’t gotten really attached to one, but guitars are pretty.
Zebra or Penguin: Penguin. Zebras are just tacky horses.

What you’re currently reading: Felt by Andrew Kim & Michelle Park, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin
Best park of working at Rhino: Everyone here is very kind and entirely committed to making creative work that can stand up alongside anything else in the world, even though Kalamazoo is comparatively small. I’m continually surprised and inspired by the drive of the people I get to work with.