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Damn Handsome


"Every Damn Day"

We get fired up about a good small business success story, especially when it's in our hometown of Kalamazoo.

The crew at Damn Handsome Grooming Co have quickly become some of our best buds and we were excited to have the opportunity to produce a cinematic video that showcases the what, why, when and how of their growing business. They are in stores all over the country including Banana Republic, Martha Stewart Online and Urban Outfitters and have been featured in Men's Health, Forbes, Grayson Home and TONS more...

Our goal for this video was to capture beautiful and fun imagery that helps shape the Damn Handsome brand, without making it about any one person, but capture the feeling of the “Damn Handsome lifestyle.”


Director: Tyler Appel
Director of Photography: Tyler Appel
Edit: Tyler Appel

Camera: Tyler Appel, Nick Benitez
Audio: Kevin Romeo

Grip: Jordan Hoke
Music: Jared Blackmon, Matty Allison
Audio Mastering: Ben Lau


Angel Arnold
Molly Combs
Nick Benitez
Cynthia Hernandez
Kristi Breisach
Jordan Hoke
Jared Barraco
Bisera Urdaverik
Emily Plucinak