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Cassie had been on the peripherals of Rhino for a few years...

I had been on the peripherals of Rhino for a few years before I was hired, having worked everywhere from a library to a radio station, I've always been into the communication and media scene. Awhile back I lived with some Rhinos, previously I had worked with other Rhinos and would randomly show up to some Rhino events now and again.

When the team started looking for someone to come in and be the person who could keep track of all the little details that makes this killer machine tick, I jumped at the opportunity to help. So, you'll see me acting as Kevin's assistant, scheduling, coordinating, organizing and being general knowledge keeper of all things that need to be known. Plus, I'm the best at pouring a good cup of coffee when you join us at the office for meetings.

Favorite beer: Two Hearted satisfies 110% of the time
What you're currently reading: Bird By Bird
Favorite 3PM snack: Any kind of tea with peppermint in it
Zebra Or Penguin:  Penguins every day

Get up early or stay up late: So, sleep isn't an option?
Best part of working at Rhino: The team that has been assembled here, inspires, encourages and challenges you. It is an awesome group to be a part of. Plus, I adore Kalamazoo and love being able to partner with local businesses, big or small.