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Ashley, a girl from Michigan.

I like my husband (a lot), friends, food and long walks on the beach. I design cool stuff and help lead design and photo projects. At what part in the working-with-Rhino-process you will see me? That depends on the project. I’ll be at a photo shoot, sometimes at meeting and mostly sitting at my desk with my computer mastering Photoshop and Basecamp.

Favorite pen to write with: Pilot G2 or Sharpie Ultra Fine Point
Monkey or Squirrel: Squirrel in the form of a small 4lb pomeranian
Superspeed or x-ray vision: Superspeed (I don't wanna see what some people have hidden)

Best 3PM Snack: Clementine
Bucket List Travel Location: Iceland and/or Finland
Best part of working at Rhino: The people. Working with 20 friends is one of the best things you could hope for!