Michael Curtis Lathrop

I live in Photography world here at RHINOland. Some of my favorite attractions here are in the studio, behind my computer and at a wedding doing photographic things.

If you work with Rhino, you'll see me on a photo shoot, behind a camera, possibly in a meeting, but most likely behind a computer honing my skills as a Lightroom Ninja.


Favorite food: El Gallo Tacos, Brisket, Beef Ribs, Pork Belly, and anything that use to have a heartbeat
Favorite beer: Hillsong United
Currently reading: The Book of Romans, Live Love Lead
Best part about working at Rhino: The opportunity of problem solving on a daily basis, Boxed Water and the daily view of Nick Benitez's face
Cats or Dogs or Sharks: People. Although my Son has some superpower over me and is somehow convincing me of getting a dog.
What you don't know: My interests include architecture and mid century design (Charles Eames, baby). Also, my original major in college was Saxophone.
Gif or Jif: GIF if I’m making moving pictures, JIF if I’m making a sandwich