Jeremy Angeletti            

I’m most inspired by two kinds of visual art. The kind that I can’t easily figure out and the kind that takes a lot of time and love to create. 

You might see me at any stage throghout the working-with-Rhino-process.

Favorite food: Abnormally large salads loaded up with more toppings than greens. Drowning in olive oil and feta.
Currently reading: Love and Respect and a smorgasbord of children’s books
First job: Delivering Flashes newspapers - $0.15 a house!
Best part about working at Rhino: Turning what I love doing into meaningful work
Gif or Jif: JIF. Say ‘giant.’ Not ‘guy-ant’.‘ Gin, ginger, ginseng, giraffe. Plus this. It’s JIF.
Parallel Parking Skills (1-10): In front of big windows - 10. Without big windows - 3.
Flight or Invisibility: Flight
Musket or Crossbow: Crossbow