Ashley Garner

I’m a girl from Michigan. I like my husband (a lot,) friends, food and long walks on the beach. I design cool stuff and help lead design and photo projects.

At what part in the working-with-Rhino-process you will see me: Depends on the project. I’ll be at a photo shoot, sometimes at meeting and mostly sitting at my desk with my computer mastering Photoshop and Basecamp.

Favorite food: Porto sandwich from Marie's
Favorite beer: Dark Horse BB Plead the Fifth, stashed bottles of CBS
What’s on repeat: Dan Mangen + Blacksmith, Club Meds
First job: Bailing hay
Worst job: Mall retail 🙁
Best part about working at Rhino: All the Rhino’s i get to work with
What you don't know: My directional skills are super-hero level. That’s probably from being home schooled.  
Parallel Parking Skills (1-10): 10+
Musket or Crossbow: Machete?