Angel Arnold    

I’m Kevin’s assistant (left side of his brain) and keeper of information. I’m kind of a Swiss Army Knife.

If you work with us (I hope you do!), you'll see me at the beginning and the end of the Rhino process. My hope is that we’ll be best friends by the end of the project! I’m also a second photographer at weddings.

Favorite food: Spring rolls, chicken tenders and tacos from El Gallo
Favorite beer: I’ll never turn down a Two-Hearted
What’s on repeat: Taylor Swift always. Vampire Weekend, Avett Brothers, Dale
Best part about working at Rhino: I’m working with my friends and family everyday
When I’m not at Rhino, I’m: out and about with other Rhinos
Flight or Invisibility: Flight
Musket or Crossbow: Crossbow