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Rye No: A Collaborative Beer

Our relationship with the awesome people of Greenbush Brewing Company started about five years ago. We met, liked them, liked their beer and wanted them to be involved in this little project we were working on called the Michigan Beer Film.

Ever since then, we've had a stellar connection. Whether it's helping out on the April Fool's Day videos or just spending the entire day working remotely (i.e. eating an obscene amount of brisket and drinking beer) at their space as a team. Greenbush continues to inspire us with the emphasis they place on collaboration and working hard to bring a community together. They care about their town and all of the people who live there. Greenbush is a lot more than just a brewery with badass BBQ.

So, when they came to us with the idea to collaborate on a beer named after Rhino, the obvious answer was "YES." Because that's how you know you've made it into the big leagues, right?


"Rye No" is a rye golden ale (I don't know what it is exactly). It always feels great to have our name attached to something we can proudly stand behind and it feels even better knowing it's a delicious beer.

Long story short, this week marked the official tapping of Rye No. We headed out as a team (almost all of us) and celebrated another successful collaboration with our pals at Greenbush.




Thank you so much to all of our friends over at Greenbush. Cant wait to see what we come up with together next.

Crash on.


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