Film Camp

Introducing an entirely new approach to team building.

Many of our clients remark that "Rhino has such a great team!"
(And, of course, we agree.) 

Some of the biggest challenges that teams face are contingent on communication, vulnerability and trust. Because so much of filmmaking is problem-solving, we are often overcoming obstacles as a team and letting our guards down as we do so. 

The art of storytelling and filmmaking can be a ton of fun, and what we've found is that it allows us to eliminate vulnerability barriers preventing us from communicating from our hearts with our team members. 

In a time where virtually all information is attainable, the companies with healthy teams, strong problem solving skills and the ability to tell great stories will rise above the fold. 

Rhino’s Film Camp is our team helping your team produce a short film or film trailer. We believe that the filmmaking process will make your team better problem solvers and communicators and more cohesive.
Oh, and you’ll get an awesome short film too. 

This project is in beta mode. Contact us if you'd like to be a guinea pig.

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Check out what we mean by short film in our 2014 Christmas video "Hunt the Tree," starring the entire Rhino crew.