Rhino started out as a couple of guys with nothing left to lose.

We were both small town guys, without any silver spoons in sight. We knew if we were going to build something from scratch, it was going to take a huge amount of effort to bring it to life. 

The dream was that we could create a place where people love to work, for clients we love to work with, without sacrificing our values. Sounds crazy right? Turns out, there are a lot of others who think that sounds rad. 

We started working out of a coffee shop, changed offices a couple times and have now landed at our current home on the corner of Rose and Kalamazoo in downtown Kalamazoo, MI. Even though we are located in a college town in the midwest, our goal is to be one of the best little media teams in the world.  

We believe in the value of personal accountability and that life is what you make it; and even though human beings all make mistakes, and we all have our issues, we believe we are dang good at collaborating with our clients. We love to help them see that the shine in their story is, in fact, its authenticity

 We believe that Kalamazoo is an awesome community and we are doing our best to make it better, but we sure do love having the opportunity to tell stories all over this amazing planet. 

Why did we name our company "Rhino"?

We named our company Rhino because Rhinos are freaking awesome. Rhinos have limited visability (because of the horn, ya know), coupled with an inability to slow down effectively when running at top speeds.

Believe it or not, this causes them to run into things like... trees. But because they are built like a tank, they can handle the obstacles, and continue to run full speed ahead. Because of this, a group of Rhinos is called a CRASH.

Pretty awesome, huh?

So we love this analogy and what it means because, to us, it's a picture of faith in your calling. It's a picture of running full speed ahead and even though we may not know what obstacles are up ahead, we're going to run at them with everything we've got.



Meet the team.

Hard-working, fun-loving boys and girls.

We have a YouTube show. 

Check out the Crash On, The Story of a Story Company, our weekly Youtube show dedicated to sharing behind the scenes of day to day life of a growing creative company from the Midwest. 

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Rhino is always on the hunt for talented, passionate people.

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