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January 22, 2015 - No Comments!

That time we made a music video

Combine seven musicians with pine desert soul, funk, hip hop, psychedelic, rap, pop, and yucca fire blues, and you might end up with something like Maraj. This Kalamazoo based group has somehow managed to craft a dynamic, coherent sound and style out of a wide range of influences and elements - and it’s LEGIT.

Here’s how we went about creating their first music video:


When Ben and Andy (from Maraj) first approached us with “Pointers,” they envisioned it set in a true house party, and wanted ,above all else, for this to be a true hip-hop music video. From this alone, we planned to shoot our rappers at low, wide angles, and in multiple locations. Also - shoot the heck out of crammed, high energy, living room jamming/dancing.

Stylistically, we wanted to visually embody what we felt when listening to the song. Dramatic red lighting was inspired from the darker, serious sounds and driving bass. The still profile close ups and slow motion draw from the abstract, psychedelic shift when the female vocals take over on the choruses.

After a location scout, we drew up a shot list that was prioritized from the crucial shots on down to ‘well, that’d be nice if by some miracle we still have time to get it.’ We only had one day, but really, about 6 hours to film the ENTIRE music video. This is where a shot list is our best friend - even if we forego 30% of what’s written down, it gives us a constant tangible goal and keeps us organized and sharp on set.


One last team briefing at the office. Pack up the cars. Buy winter gloves, gum, granola bars and RedBulls on the way. Arrive to the house around 5pm. Maraj is showing up at 6pm, and 20 extras are coming at 7pm. Order pizza immediately. Unload the gear. Find a safe place to keep our gear. Put the lights on stands, lenses on cameras, and take one last look at the shot list and locations. Lights, camera, music video.

Maraj and all their friends were really great to work with. Some people needed more persuading to join the action than others, but all in all, the vibe on set was great. Everyone kept great energy going all night despite performing and dancing to the same song 20 times in a row.

The majority of the music video was filmed on a Canon C100 mounted to a Freefly Movi M5 stabilizer with a 16-35mm lens. This was our workhorse, allowing us to get smooth, beautiful shots without the hassle of a clunky jib or slider setup in tight quarters. Slow motion was filmed handheld at 120 fps on our Sony FS700. For lighting we used 3 LED panels and 2 small Lowell minis with color gel combos.


The first thing we did in post was create a rough edit to see what we were working with. What drove the edit at this stage was nailing the transition to slow motion during the chorus, and making sure our cuts made sense and felt right with the music. We don’t use too many fades, but slowing the party down, and layering clips on top of each other ending up creating a really effective, almost dizzying party feel.

The kaleidoscope effect was inspired by Maraj’s cover art, and added the perfect flavor to the psychedelic choruses and middle-eastern samples. We created these in After Effects using footage from the shoot composed with 3D geometric shapes using the Element 3D plugin. The shapes and some of the kaleidoscopic backgrounds were programmed to pulse and spin with the beat of the drums.

We color graded everything dark and cinematic to really throttle the eerie, dramatic feel of the song. After one small round of revisions with Maraj, presto bango - we had ourselves a finished music video.


The people from Maraj were great to collaborate with. They take their art seriously, and brought a lot of passion to this project. At the same time, they put they a lot of trust in us - which we’re always honored by. It’s really cool to partner with a client whose art we have high regard for, and who feels the same about ours.

- Jeremy Angeletti, Project Lead and Director
Official music video for Pointers by Maraj

December 15, 2014 - No Comments!

A Rhino Christmas Film

We all assembled at Asylum Lake park at 7am on Saturday morning, Dec 6th and huddled around trying to stay warm.

All footage shot on Canon C100 with FreeFly Systems Movi M5 and Sony FS700.
Some C100 handheld action was also employed.

Directed/DP/Edit by the newest Rhino, Tyler Appel.
2nd Cam by Kevin Romeo.
Special Effects by Jeremy Angeletti. Color by Dan Baker.
Music from the Music Bed.
All Rhinos make an appearance.


September 17, 2014 - No Comments!

A Giving Tree Evening

It's no secret that one of our best friends is Giving Tree Photography (Jodi Bodtke and her sidekick, Jade Stell). We go back a ways and the connections run pretty deep. We even had the privilege of shooting Jodi and her husband Jeff's wedding day.

So with all this fun synergy going on, we came up with an idea to spend a few short hours shooting on the shores of Lake Michigan while she and Jade do their thing.
It was a really fun opportunity to try new production techniques, catch some amazing sunset light and just have a blast with some friends.

For this short, we set out to utilize as much footage as we could while creating a piece that allows the viewer to see the joy that runs through Jodi and Jade's veins, but also understanding the work and effort involved in the work they do.

Shot entirely on Sony FS700 and Canon 5D Mark 3.

July 9, 2014 - No Comments!

Lush Nuts

We were asked to provide studio photography for one of our favorite local brands: Lush Gourmet Foods, more commonly known as Lush Nuts. Lush is owned by Bisera, who has a wonderful palate and loves developing unique combinations such as Coconut Lavender, Dark Cocoa Chili, Hot Curry and quite a few more.

These photos were shot by Rhino Photographer Nick Benitez with Michael Lathrop serving as Production Assistant.


197A9821 197A9835 197A9863 197A9865

July 7, 2014 - No Comments!

Rhino Goes West, vol. 2

Part 2 of our trip to California/Nevada.

Shot entirely with Sony FS700 and Canon 5D Mark3.
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. Music from Marmoset.

Special thanks to Ben Ridpath, a Reno area videographer, who showed us around and handled some wicked tumbleweed.

June 30, 2014 - No Comments!

TV Spot #3

The latest TV spot for the Kalamazoo Growlers of the Northwoods league. This spot had the added challenge of incorporating game information and sponsor information... which is always tough to do when mostly you just want to show sweet shots of baseball action. I'm very happy with the turn out here.

Also, the music was custom recorded by myself (KR) and Ben Lau of Double Phelix Studios in Kalamazoo, MI. That's always fun.

June 15, 2014 - No Comments!

Kalamazoo Growlers Baseball

Original concept produced for the Kalamazoo Growlers.
For this, we wanted to produce something a little more lighthearted to help promote the fact that baseball was back in Kalamazoo.
The idea for this came to me (Kevin) in the middle of the night as I was pondering on ways that we could be fun, clever and introduce several elements of the Growler's branding into one quick story.
Big thanks to the Kalamazoo Growlers for having confidence in our team to let us try something off the wall.