February 9, 2017 - No Comments!

Making a Music Video

This past summer we we produced a music video for Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers!

For this project, KR went with a parody approach and tuned into the infomercials he ingested every night as a child (JK). Joe plays the role of an spokesman who appears to be one extremely happy dude, but behind the facade - he is struggling with his own true loneliness due to superficiality.

Give it a watch, share it with your pals and dance with your friends (like everyone else).

Director: Kevin Romeo
DP: Tyler Appel
Additional Cinematography: Nicholas Benitez
Producers: Angel Arnold & Lori Gottschling
Lead Grip: Dan Martinez
PA: Jesse Metz and Amy Boley


November 30, 2016 - No Comments!

Winter 2016

We care deeply for people and love to tell their tales.  As a team of storytellers, all we hope is to create work that each person we encounter can identify with in one way or another.

With that in mind, please say "hello" to our newly updated cinematography reel.

(music lovingly provided by the Soil & the Sun)

August 23, 2016 - No Comments!

A Vaynernation Contribution

We've been fans of Gary Vaynerchuk for the past few years and wanted to give him a "jab of thanks." So, we created this custom animation from scratch, pulled a soundbite that we found particularly motivational and consistent with our Rhino beliefs, and went to work.

We were super stoked to find out Gary Vee loved it so much that he created a Community Contribution page to encourage his tribe of followers to make content that supports the GV brand.

So excited to have Gary share our work and dang does it feel good to be #1 😉

Creative Direction lead by Jeremy Angeletti
Graphic Design by Molly Combs and Seun Jubril
Animation by Seun Jubril
Music Composition by Ben Lau
Additional Creative by Kevin Romeo

August 23, 2016 - No Comments!

Rye No: A Collaborative Beer

Our relationship with the awesome people of Greenbush Brewing Company started about five years ago. We met, liked them, liked their beer and wanted them to be involved in this little project we were working on called the Michigan Beer Film.

Ever since then, we've had a stellar connection. Whether it's helping out on the April Fool's Day videos or just spending the entire day working remotely (i.e. eating an obscene amount of brisket and drinking beer) at their space as a team. Greenbush continues to inspire us with the emphasis they place on collaboration and working hard to bring a community together. They care about their town and all of the people who live there. Greenbush is a lot more than just a brewery with badass BBQ.

So, when they came to us with the idea to collaborate on a beer named after Rhino, the obvious answer was "YES." Because that's how you know you've made it into the big leagues, right?


"Rye No" is a rye golden ale (I don't know what it is exactly). It always feels great to have our name attached to something we can proudly stand behind and it feels even better knowing it's a delicious beer.

Long story short, this week marked the official tapping of Rye No. We headed out as a team (almost all of us) and celebrated another successful collaboration with our pals at Greenbush.




Thank you so much to all of our friends over at Greenbush. Cant wait to see what we come up with together next.

Crash on.


May 26, 2016 - No Comments!

A Bandit Story

Dark Horse Brewing Company has hosted their annual Louisiana Crawfish Boil for the past 15 years. Sadly, this year the DNR put a lock down on the importing of live LA Crawfish. Not sure if you know this, but it's pretty hard to throw a crawfish boil without any crawfish.

Lucky for us, of tragedy came opportunity in the form of creating a super fun PR video that would help break the bad news to the Dark Horse faithful.

This project came together quickly, because we have a stellar and trustworthy relationship with Dark Horse . We love it when a plan as outlandish as this one comes together.

Low Country Boil: Saturday, June 11th @ Dark Horse Brewing Co.

March 3, 2016 - No Comments!

Promo Video – Green Door Distilling Co

The fellas at Green Door Distilling Company have quickly become friends of ours, and not only because there are a lot of whiskey-drinking Rhinos. We love helping small businesses tell their stories, especially when they're in Kalamazoo.

Green Door is the first distillery in Kalamazoo since prohibition, and they wanted to come up with a way to promote their hand-crafted whiskey. Because they're very close to opening (they're waiting on licenses and government approval), we wanted a creative way to get people excited about a product that's not yet in production.

We filmed at a local restaurant, Principle, over the course of four hours. We chose Principle because it had the vibe and the feel that complimented the soon-to-be Green Door bar. Our friend and fellow whiskey drinker David helped us out by playing the bartender.

We used an FS700 on the Kessler pocket jib to achieve a variety of shots in a short amount of time, and we filmed at 240 fps for the slow motion shots. The last shot of the video was filmed on a Black Magic Cinema Cam at 24 fps to change up the pace and sell the "coming soon" joke.

The only downside of the shoot was that we weren't able to shoot any whiskey pouring into a glass, which left us thirsty. We are very much looking forward to when Green Door Distilling has whiskey to be filmed and consumed.

February 8, 2016 - No Comments!

An Epic Quest

Living at WMUWestern Michigan University asked us to create a short video to show off their beautiful residence halls… so we made this instead.

Thankfully they liked it too!

WMU came to us with a request to showcase their residence halls, especially their newest building, Western Heights, in an effort to show incoming and transfer students their options for living on campus. We countered with an idea to create a narrative short film that takes the characters and the audience around Western's campus. Also, we love buddy comedies here at Rhino.

We filmed Epic Quest over two-and-a-half unseasonably warm November days on WMU's campus (we definitely lucked out on that one), and everyone in the film is a student. The score is original and was created for this project by Rhino's own Ben Lau.

February 5, 2016 - No Comments!

Re-Vision St Julian Winery

What do you do to re-tell the story of a hundred year-old company?

St. Julian Winery has been a Michigan staple for nearly 100 years.  They’ve built an incredibly loyal following, creating a diverse portfolio of wines and focusing on developing their farm and vineyard properties, all while using only Michigan product in their beverages. 

They reached out to us to help them tell their story in a new way, a way that would connect with a new generation of wine enthusiasts. 

St. Julian was a major beverage sponsor for the prestigious Grand Rapids art contest Art Prize. So the piece we we created played on a massive screen in Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids throughout the week. 

We believe in finding the right story for our clients, and we hope that you can see that bleed through this images and this video.