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June 12, 2015 - No Comments!

Considering the “win”

Communicative clarity is incredibly important when it comes to creative labor.

You have to have a clear picture of what winning looks like. We made this mistake often in the early years of running a storytelling company.

Then, like a lightning bolt of old-man-infused wisdom, came our learning moment.

We were contracted to film a college basketball game. We were so focused on getting great shots with great camera work and beautiful compositions, that when we submitted the footage to our client, their response was, "We don't have enough shots of the ball going in the hoop."

As basic as it sounds, we had overlooked the entire point of the sport, putting the ball in the hoop more often than the other team.

From then on, we've become fond of the phrase. So we ask ourselves, what is the "ball going in the hoop" for this project? What is the one thing that will most effectively tell this story in one shot, it's so obvious that we may overlook it? Now every time we begin a new project, we define just exactly what "the ball going in the hoop" is.

For our new website, the ball going in the hoop is that we come across as relationship-driven, quirky and fun.

Next time you have a creative project, ask yourself, "What is the ball going in the hoop on this?"

- KevinJJBasketball-(4-of-5)

June 12, 2015 - No Comments!

We are Rhino. We have a softball team.

Our team spends A LOT of time together, and we get along really well, but we realized that something was missing in our lives. We are constantly expending creative energy in an effort to create meaningful, connected art for our clients.

So we were super excited when the idea to have a Rhino company softball team came about. We don't win very often, but we are having tons of fun, and have the coolest team name of all…
"Go Rhino Team"